some thought for food! 09 flavor.

One time in this life and then ya done”…..from Toronto MC Stitch 7 (whoa!)

Ok so now that everyone has made it across to the next yr. (R.I.P. to those who didn’t) i just want to say that these next 12 months can either go by fast, mid speed, or slow as a mofo. For alot of doers and growers there wont be enough time to do everything. For mid speeders which is usually a mix of gifted slackers to Vets, you move you grooove, you dont then…you wont!…. For those doing none well..crickets!

With that being said, all 3 have a chance at getting theirs properly. And I do mean PROPERLY!!!!. its just all on the individual motivation and circumstances. Some people excel in spots where other people dont have a clue and …..vice versa. Im at the point where i dont judge people as much as i should but remember all crews should have an “each one teach one” mentality.

“Knowledge is Power.” we have all seen or heard this b4. The power of information. Information is to “know”. Even the God MC Rakim said it was important to “Know The Ledge”. Truth be told, its the reason College cost so freaking much. what else do think you’re paying for? A degree? Ha! Those who actuallly finished college (cough!) can see that things are way easier to grasp when compared to one who hasnt (cough, cough!). Yet there are a lot of people in the “no school” criteria who are (if not, more)successful. I mean think about it “Hip Hop! started out in the dark, they use to do up in the park”. a bunch of heads in the projects with nothing and living in very bad conditions found a way to get their mind off the stress. Everyone wanted better but that wasnt happpening at that time. No money and little education….. Who would have thought that decades later we’d have some of those same people Invited by scholars to talk and spit some “Knowledge” to college grads at seminars?

Are you getting the point? Do yall understand me? Get yours!! Just like Rome, Hip Hop wasnt built in a day and it damn sure wasnt done by one man. “Each wun Teach wun”!

….and Godspeed! peace!


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