looking so fine for 09..word!

as the rapper blogs….

Yeah Yeah Yall! a shout  to all my NY peeps.. i miss my city around these times. but yall better believe i stay on that NY shit 4ever.

08 has been a blessing in disguise …. new friends, new projects,….even a new country which has been damn near home for the boy. *Its pretty clean up here. The smoke is pretty good too. Oh Canada!

and lets not 4get about the women…. i’ve been shy for too long….lol

But on the serious note, I wanna say thank you to all my homies who just been there helping me out and keeping me focused. One thing realized is that i can actually say i been around the block with the same grinders who are now becoming successful homies. None of em gave up hope to their dreams which is a testament to perserverance.  Its also good see my peeps progressing and “growing the fuck up!” We all grown folk now.

But an artist life is never a stable one. Unless you’re pulling in the big buckaroos you’re gonna have to always try to find a way to get by (yep! like the kweli joint)

So whats a TRAC to do?….in this case its what the TRAC has done.

Well for early 09 i promise to put this “Nixtape” out once and for all. No more touch ups and updating. Yall need to hear it. i’m very sure it will be worth the listen.

along with my very own website… hopefully…(waddup flo and imran)

Plus there are features all over the place….so many that you’d swear i can speak french…(im actually learning as we speak…well slightly)

….and you’d swear im British…..

YO LEWIS!!! Hit em hard family. I got your back! We got some Bad Intentions!

Plus theres this dope, DOPE, album project i just finished with some pretty heavy folk in the game. I kid you not when i say this project will be a shining moment personally and i think you’ll feel the same as well. Classic & Timelss! Oh trust it is that goood! A Shout out to the 4hero crew as well… Good look!

I’ll also be Blogging real journal like as i reach out to make some serious moves from one side to another. Some life encounters and some food for thought. I’ll be as truthful as it gets. No games, no beef!! well beef is always around somehow.

Speaking of which……

I’ve been overly critizied for being much of a nice guy. ….yep i feel that way. but if those people were to ever be in my shoes growing up, you’d happy just because you’re still living. Im still Brooklyn/Brownsville for life. I just think some people are sleeping. ……Well so am i  (yawn!). Please keep TRAC a nice guy. TRAC likes to be nice.

But dont mistake me for some weak dude with no balls…. I got huge cohones! (pause)

excersizing does more than get the body right. It also helps the mind.  Keep Positive yall. And happy 09 to all…

A shout out To: Rekon, Red Clay, Major, Kap, Artform, Spade, Jase Cozmic, DJ Showtime, Deadly Evans, Itruth, D Melodious, Lisa Banton, TC iz,  Methods NYC, DK, My Entire Hip-Step Family, LionDuB, Marco Polo, Dyer MC(cali now?)  and Demolition Man…(Please Give me a holla Demo)_

next year should be every exciting…….i need to invest in a camera……stay tuned!




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